Welcome to Willful Design.  My name is Kelly and I started a blog because I am always so inspired by blogs of friends and strangers!  I wanted to have a place to share some of my projects that will hopefully will make others want to “get-making!”

Why Willful Design?  Two reasons really.  The first is that “willful” means intentional or deliberate and I believe design should be thought about.  That’s what makes it design…intelligent, beautiful, thought-provoking, or even life-changing.  The second reason is more personal.  My best guy friend, named Will, recently passed away.  He was so very full of life, never taking it too seriously.  We encouraged each other to go after the things in life that would make us happy.  When I look at the title of this blog before each post, these are the things I want to be reminded of.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check in often and leave your thoughts!


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