O Christmas Tree

O, in this case, represents the shape of that unsightly Christmas tree stand.  Just as I do not feel fully dressed leaving the house without a scarf around my neck, my Christmas tree was feeling a little exposed.  There are some pretty ugly tree skirts on the market and most of them are retailing for upwards of $50.  No thanks.  So, I was inspired by designer Genivieve Gorder when I saw this video.  She suggests buying a vintage skirt and wrapping it around your tree trunk.  An idea both beautiful and economic!

Luckily, I only had to go as far as my closet to find the right skirt.  It was a bargain a few years ago at Old Navy, but was starting to reveal its quality imperfections and wasn’t something I was planning to wear again because of that.  My tree however, has no place complaining about a few snags.  And so we begin…


Original Skirt

First, I ripped open one of the side seams with a seam ripper.  Then I tested wrapping it around a tree stand.  Since I wanted it to go all the way around it was time to head to the store to buy some supplementary fabric.


Ripping the side seam


Test run. I guess my tree stand is not a size 4.

With the complementary fabric I cut it to shape and tried to mimic the pleats and the band at the top.  At the final stage of the project, a little ivory fur trim to add some softness.  It turned out great and only set me back $6.  What’s skirting your tree?

Pleating the fabric

Add some trim...

Add some trim…

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

Now all that’s missing is a visit from Santa!  Merry Christmas to all!


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