A Fresh Coat

The project I wanted to share next is a furniture refinishing project I did over a year ago.  The reason I chose to share it now is because for me, when I need some time to reflect and have a little personal quiet time, putting a paintbrush in my hand seems to allow me just that.  In light of recent events, it is probably wise if you feel similarly to find something to paint this season!

There are great places to find a piece to refinish.  It could be inspired by bringing new life to something you already own or you might like to scour antique stores and consignment shops.  Garage sales, auctions, and garbage nights are also good sources for finding something to refinish.  In my case, this dresser was left by the previous owners of our house.  (Score!)

Dresser - before

Dresser – before

dresser_02It’s best to drag your treasure outside for plenty of ventilation while your revamp is in progress.  Even though I was simply painting this piece, I wanted to strip it to provide a clean surface (and see if the old paint was hiding a beautiful wood…it wasn’t).  Wanting to be eco-friendly I purchased the non-toxic paint stripper.  In this case, I highly recommend going with the bad stuff (which I ended up having to purchase) after the eco-friendly version failed to perform.

This piece took a few rounds of stripper and scraping.  It is quite a gooey process.  After your main layers of paint have been removed you can rub it down with thinner and steel wool.  Then you will let it dry and pull out the sandpaper and hand-held sander.  After a good sanding and wipe down you can apply your paint of choice.  Mine is Blue Sage from Restoration Hardware.


Dresser – after


To finish off the look I bought some updated glass hardware at Anthropologie and lined the drawers with a beautiful wrapping paper I found at a local stationery store.  There is something about bringing new life to an old piece that I just love.  I use this dresser every day and it makes me happy that it has turned from an unwanted laundry room wardrobe to the most interesting piece in our bedroom.  Just what we all need for the new year…a little revitalization!  If you have a project you want some thoughts on, post a picture; I’d love to see what you’re working on!  Happy painting!


One thought on “A Fresh Coat

  1. Beautiful work! We are just finishing up refinishing a dresser for the nursery. We are having some problems finding drawer pulls as they have a 4 3/4in spread…which is really random. Maybe I’ll check out Anthro to see if they’ve got anything.

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